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Prof. Dr. Werner Knopp

Senior Consultant, Department of Traumatology, Hand- and Reconstructive Surgery

Saarland University Medical Center
Kirrberger Str.
66424 Homburg/Saar

Phone +49 6841 1631502
Fax     +49 6841 1631503

The Department of Traumatology, Hand- and Reconstructive Surgery (Dir.: Prof. Dr. T. Pohlemann) is acting as the level 1 trauma center providing around the clock service covering an area of approximately 1.5 mill. inhabitants. Beside all kinds of acute injuries, the special focus is set on reconstructive surgery of pelvic and acetabular injuries, spine injuries, joint reconstructions and injuries in children. Sub-specialization exists in hand- and microsurgery as well as in tumor surgery of the musculoskeletal system. Beside the full diagnostic equipment including CT, MRI, PET, etc., the operative techniques can rely on computer based surgery, navigation, endoscopy and intraoperative radiotherapy.

Based on this up-to-date infrastructure, representing the latest medical technology, the University Hospital is a major teaching institution with training programs for about 2000 medical students and specialized schools for health care professionals.

Homburg benefits from it's highly motivated students coming from a multitude of nations, cultures and religions. This fact gives us the opportunity to provide you with highly skilled translators who are not only native speakers and familiar with other cultures but are also well trained in medical issues making the treatment and communication a lot more effective.

We are not only dedicated to treating patients and training the next generation of physicians and surgeons but we also put a great emphasis in advancing today's medicine through research. We believe that in health care being good is not good enough. Always trying to find ways of performing even better is what makes a good clinician. In our research-groups "Hip" and "Spine" our physicians work together with other scientists to evaluate surgical as well as conservative (non-surgical) treatments and we are performing biomechanical tests on different types of operative stabilization-procedures.

The task-force "IT-Integration" examines and evaluates latest technologies on the domain of computer-based surgical procedures to advance the use of minimally-invasive procedures in our every-day practice.

Our task-force "fracture-healing" and "molecular biology" advance the basic research on the healing processes of wounds and fractures.

We are very proud of our very diverse regional and international cooperations to support our research activities.

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Prof. Dr. Werner Knopp


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